Assistance Anytime

Assistance Anytime Service providers offers most comprehensive Electrical services which is reliable & cost effective. Our service providers are fully insured , licensed , experienced and trained to do any electrical task whether small or large.

In today’s world & time the most necessary thing required to survive is “Electricity”. Your Ceiling fan, mobile in your pocket and even the computer you are currently working on needs electricity to operate. Right from our work to our entertainment , electricity is one of the major requirement for all us. Any minor or major malfunction in electrical wiring , switches or any object which require electricity to operate can bring life to still. 

Also Anything which is operated with electricity is dangerous to be handled by any one of us , unless and until we are trained , qualified & professional enough to handle such electrical faults. Its the not the right tool at home helps you manage these electrical malfunction , you also needs a perfect knowledge to handle it.

So to Get things working back in actions post electrical break downs , a right electrician can keep you safe and can keep you home secure. Assistance Anytime along with its service providers who are highly trained and experienced electricians officer multiple services right from the routine inspections to minor and major electrical faults to electric appliances repair & installation , to detecting faults and cable wiring. With Assistance Anytime , you can select the electrician ( depending upon the ratings ) , Service , time & date as per your convenience and even check the work while its being done. We sends over experienced electricians for anything you need like setting up a new electrical point , installing lights , electrical maintenance services and even smart home solutions. 

Our Expertise

Emergency Services

Indoor Lightning

Outdoor Lightning

Electrical Installations

Cable Rewiring

Fault Detection

Smoke Alarm Services

Air Conditioning Services

Heating system services

Electrical Appliance Services

Switchboard Upgrades

CCTV & Security

 If you would rather be safe than sorry , you can get a full home electrical health check done to ensure all your wiring m switch boards , appliances , lights , fans and the main meter board are functioning as they should. 

Due to COVID 19 , Currently our website services are not operational. We will notify you , when ever we will resume services back to normal. In the mean time Customers and Service Provider sign up process is working on our website. You may please continue to sign up on our website.